Warm Weather Whittle

Perhaps it's the wonderful weather today, or my yearning for the simple life of a "Mayberry" yesteryear that inspired tonight's date night.


For the moment nothing sounds better than sitting on the front porch, enjoying the evening air, good conversation, and a fresh attempt at whittling.

Have you ever tried whittling? I have to admit I am no master and have spent more time carving soap with the Cub Scouts. (Which is totally an option for date night as well if you're feeling skittish, or if wood is in short supply)

The supplies needed are basic, and few

  • A pocket knife or wood carving knife for every person
  • A place to sit
  • Wood. This can be thick sticks or chunks of wood. You can pick up some good pieces from a craft store or someplace like Lowes or Home depo.
    • While you can carve any wood, Softwoods are easier to start on (Basswood is preferred, but Fir, Pine, and Spruce are softer woods too).

It goes without saying that there is a safety risk involved, so be extra careful.

Let your mind take a flashback to some basic boy scout rules and sit far enough away from each other that no blood is shed if a knife slips.

Then relax outdoors while the sun dips low in the sky and try your hand at whittling.

If you feel like you could benefit from a little more instruction check out these videos below