Travel The World

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Pick any place - where would you travel right now if you could? Believe it or not you can make happen without even leaving home.

The first time we tried this, we spent an amazing evening in Italy. While I was busy getting our kids to bed, my husband was out getting takeout from our favorite Italian restaurant.

We had a map of Venice printed off the day before, which we used to make plans about what we'd like to see most.

In reality this date night is a million date nights because there's no end to the things you can see or do, or places to visit or revisit.

This is also a great chance to educate yourselves and family about different countries and cultures.

Set up

Here is where even a small amount of imagination goes a long way.

Use Google Maps to find a café, store, or anyplace you'd like to eat that offers a 360 view.   Find some authentic music online to listen to while you eat. Try using Google Maps street view or Google Earth to look around.

Try to find some authentic takeout from your destination of choice. This can be a full meal or something smaller like pastries or cheese sampling.

Many places offer virtual museum tours that can help you see the sights.  On a trip to France we found a virtual tour of a special exhibit at the Louvre.

You tube videos can also give you the chance to virtually experience a gondola or safari ride.

If you want to take the extra step Google has a flight simulator you can use to try and fly yourself to your destination of choice.

The key to an amazing night is a little advance preparation and maybe some extra touches to make it really special. Try adding something to create the atmosphere like Chinese lanterns for a trip to Asia, or a flower lei and coconut cups on your visit to the Islands.

This activity makes a fanatic date night, group date night, or family activity.