Secret Agent Night

Ever dreamed of being a secret agent or detective?  Here's your chance.  Make it a mysterious date or family night, and see who has the skills to decipher cryptic code.   Simply write each other a secret note in the code of your choice.   You could even pick more than one.   Then trade notes, and see how long it takes you to crack the case and read the message just for you.   You could even finish off the evening creating a treasure hunt for one another or  watching your favorite detective show.


Codes can be comprised of nearly anything , but the most common use numbers, letters, symbols, shapes or even clocks.   A quick google search will bring you thousands of ideas to get you stated.   Remember that to truly be a secret code you'll likely have to invent your own.

secret code 2

If you and your date or family need a secret message to crack together you're welcome to try your hand at one of these.               (Difficulty varies)


40.16.10.     6.18.2.     18.38.     2.38.     "40.16.10."     30.36.     "40.16.10."

D5B3A5     A1A3C5E1D4D5B4A3     C1B4D5D5E5     D1D3C5B5A5A3D5     D5D3B4A5A4     A1     A3A1D5     A1D4     A1     D4D1E5

Do you love to learn together? Why not take the time to learn about the history of codes, use of codes, or even about message hidden on the sculpture names "Kryptos" at the CIA headquarters that remains most mysterious after more than 20 years.
This date night idea is sure to be the secret to a wonderful time together.