Roller Coaster or Theme park Ride

Wish you could go on a roller coaster or theme park ride somewhere? Why not! YouTube is full of videos of front-row seat recordings of nearly every ride.

But sitting in front of a screen just watching isn't the same, so it's time to make the evening more interesting and add in a little more imagination!

Start with a box!


Do you have leftover diaper boxes or something from an online order? Time to put it to good use.

Size can vary but the box should be a minimum of 18 inches square.

Couples can share a larger box or make two separate small ones.

Remember that creating this together is part of the date so don't worry about trying to prep anything in advance.

1) On the bottom of the box (opposite the side that is open) carefully trace around your smartphone or tablet and then measure out at least a pencil's width inside each edge.

2) Carefully cut out a hole in your box following your smaller - inside lines.

3) Next cut off the flap from one edge if needful, and cut out one, (or two for large boxes), half-circle shape from the open edge of the box. This will act as a hole for your neck so be sure to make it deep enough and wide enough that you can lay under it comfortably.

If you want to go the extra mile you can decorate the inside of the box. Paint it up to look like a rollercoaster cart, or print off theme park images to glue onto the sides.

4) Now it's time to lay on the floor, climb under the box, place your phone or tablet over the window you cut, and get ready to ride.

Here are a few rides we've tried to start you out. Feel free to find your own favorites. Don't forget to hold hands and squeeze tightly at the scary parts.