Recycle Raid

Cost - $0

Put your trash to work for you tonight in an unforgettable date. Cost - $0 Let your creativity soar and make more than just a memory.


Tonight you're going to raid your recycling bin and race against each other to see who can build the best creation. If you are not feeling competitive, or you're low on recycling items, you could team up and see what you can make together.

Decide beforehand if/what extra materials are allowed (such as scissors, markers, tape, or twisty ties) to connect things.

See if you can make a dog food dispenser, a replica dinosaur . . . . . . or a cardboard model of your spouse?

If you choose to make it a competition here are a few things you could compete for to get you started. Feel free to invent your own rules. There are no limits to the creative process.

  • Tallest, Strongest , Most useful, Most aesthetic, Looks most like _________

This date takes no advanced preparation, money, or special skills, but it makes tons of laughs in addition to whatever you build.

Sometimes all you need is a short-term goal and a great excuse to interact and talk with one another.

Dream big and go wild!

Dream big and go wild!