Get ready to carve out a fantastically fun time at little to no cost. This date night is a "cool" delight chiseling ice sculptures together.

Don't forget to plan ahead. This date requires advanced prep time for the ice to freeze.


Materials needed:

  • 2 containers:
    • Something you can place in the freezer and
    • easily remove the ice from after it's frozen.
  • Water
  • Towels
  • Gloves (optional)
  • Something to carve with:
    • Here is where you can really get creative. We just happened to have some chisels already available, but we also tried some picks and nails, and those made some awesome detailed designs too. Use whatever you have available.

Select your container shape and size. Then fill it with water and place it in the freezer.

We started with disposable Tupperware but you can use whatever you like.


After the water is frozen run the back of the container under cold water until you can remove it and place it on a towel.

It took 24 hours for the water to really freeze all the way through. Larger or smaller containers may take more or less time.


Let your inner sculptor shine through.

Gloves can help keep your hands from freezing if you're handling the ice a lot.

Here are some of our first attempts. We had tons of great laughs and we can't wait to try it again with our children for a family activity.