Leave Your Mark

Tonight for date night or family fun it's time to make your mark and leave a lasting impression. How? I'm talking of stamp carving of course.

Carve it with any mark you like, and stamp away in your very own style.

This date night does require some specific tools but it doesn't have to be extravagant. Amazon has some good stamp carving kits for less than $20 and even more in the $20-30 range. While that may sound high initially, it's the same cost as one dinner out together, but in this case, you have something lasting to keep, and possibly even supplies for a second date down the road. Just search for "Stamp carving kits" and find the one that fits your wants and your budget.

When looking for a kit here is what you really need:
  • At least 2 carving tools
  • And 2 smooth rubber or linoleum blocks. (If you are okay with a smaller stamp even one block sliced in half could probably suffice)
  • Any other tools are a bonus or a luxury.
A few tips for your first night carving:
  • Stamp carving can be messy, so put down a plastic table cloth you can gather up and toss, or plan to carve in an area that is easy to clean up.
  • You can use a pen/pencil or marker to draw your design directly onto the stamp, or using a pencil draw it darkly on a paper and then "stamp" the picture onto your rubber block. You do this by placing your rubber onto the picture, flipping them both over, and rubbing over the design. This is particularly useful to you want to use letters/words since they need to be carved backward to show up forwards when stamped. This is true for any design as well. "Stamping your image on" allows you to plan the image as you will see it when you stamp it onto paper.
  • These tools are super sharp. If you plan to do this as a family activity have young children draw their design and then have an adult help them carve it out. Adults need to think safety too and make sure the carving tool is always pointed away from you and from other fingers. I can personally say I've sliced myself before (thankfully not badly).
  • A stamp is more fun the more often you would use it. Put some thought into what you'd be likely to stamp it on in the future, and then plan your design accordingly. You could make a family crest, a stamp to help distinguish family books, a stamp for your Christmas cards, love notes, or gift tags.

Once you are done bust out an ink pad or color over your new stamp with some washable makers to try out your new creation. It's sure to make a wonderful mark on both your paper and your relationships.