Laugh Out Loud

Sometimes what you, your date, spouse, family, or friends need most is just a good laugh. Try making tonight a Comedy night. Laughter can be highly therapeutic. It has the power to relieve stress and bring smiles in ways nothing else can. But how can you come by a good laugh? If you are like me, then the Laughy Taffy wrappers just don't cut it. There are so many different kinds of humor and not everyone finds the same things funny. But if you need some ideas to get you started here are a few of our favorite clips from comedians or comedy groups. These particular links were chosen to provide "clean" humor, but several of them are tailored to adults. If you are planning a family activity, you may wish to select other clips from the same artists. This is only a sample of the material available by these individuals. If you enjoy one of them, feel free to check out more of their content.

Brian Regan

Jeanne Robertson

Studio C