Take the Joke Challenge

So-called "Dad Jokes" can sometimes have the reputation of not being very funny; but are they? Tonight make your date night or family activity a Dad Joke challenge.

The premise is simple: If you tell a joke that makes someone else laugh, you get a point. If you laugh at your own joke you lose a point. Try to keep a straight face as you take turns telling your best jokes back and forth. This can be done as individuals or teams.

Make sure you have something ready to help you keep score. You can play for a specified number of jokes, a specific time allotment, or just until you run out of jokes to tell.

Feel free to use the resources below to help you come up with jokes, or by all means write your own!

My husband and I found ourselves laughing so hard at simple jokes that we couldn't even tell them.

*A note of caution, The "Dad Joke generator" had a few jokes my spouse and I considered out of taste and inappropriate. We were able to skip through them if we started reading and felt it was going in a bad direction, but parents may want to be alert if trying this for a family activity. The listed websites may likewise require screening. We have not reviewed all their joke content, and can not vouch for, or against it.