I Have A Dream

I have a dream

When was the last time you talked about your hopes and dreams?  When was the last time you imagined your ideal life and told your partner or family about it?  Sharing your dreams with each other helps you keep your relationship strong.  Here is a fun craft to do while you talk and make "Dreams" the theme of the night!

Dream as big as you can together. Talk and make a dream catcher to catch a  few dreams and help them come true.

Here is your shopping list. A quick trip to your local hobby or craft store can get you set up for a fantastic night together.

Materials List

  • A thin wood or metal ring: We used relatively small ones, but this can be as big or small as you like it.   Remember that the size of your rings determines the quantity of the other supplies you'll need.

  •  Faux leather strands or Suede lace: This is used to wrap the tightly around and cover your ring.  You also want a bit more to leave strands hanging down from the bottom (How many strands is up to you).

  • Waxed thread or synthetic sinew: This is used to make the webbing in the middle of the dream catcher.  You want it waxed so that it give some grip and doesn't slide on itself.  This makes it significantly easier to work with.   If all else failed though you could use any string or floss.  It would just be difficult.

  • Decorations: Beads and/or feathers are traditional, but feel free to be creative.  Your dream catchers can be as original and unique as your dreams themselves.

Make it happen - If you already know how to make a dream catcher then just go for it.

If you would like some instruction find a YouTube video and watch along together.   Here is a link below to one to get you started.