Got You Covered

Perhaps you have heard of Duct Tape clothing. If not you should defiantly take a minute to look it up. People have made some really incredible clothes with this sticky sensation.

Thinking about this made me wonder what other unsuspecting items could you fashion into clothing. Tonight's date challenge is to create some of your own. It's even possible that this project can become many date nights if you choose to be elaborate, but it can be as long or short as you like.

Right out of the gate I'm going to tell you that you made need to do some advanced preparation for this one. How far in advance depends on what you choose.

If you are looking for something you could do right away for just one evening, try your hand at fashion design with a couple of rolls of toilet paper and some pipe cleaners.
If you like a creative challenge and want a project together, go for detail with something more obscure.

Step one is to figure out which medium you want to use and then head to the store or start saving them up.

Got You Covered
Here are some item ideas to get your brain started...
  • Aluminum foil and scotch tape
  • Toilet paper and Pipe cleaners
  • Just Pipe cleaners
  • Toilet paper rolls - the inside tube
  • Newspaper and staples
  • egg cartons and glue
  • Plastic bags or garbage sacks
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Wire edged ribbon
  • Empty containers

It may also take a little research or some measurements to ensure you have enough.

See what you and your partner or family can come up with together, and if possible, find a chance to wear it out on the town.