Go Camping

When you think of camping you might think of the mountains, dessert, or other great outdoor landscapes. You might think of the smell of campfires, or you might even just think of a lot of work.

While it may not have the same landscape, camping indoors for a date night or family activity is an absolute adventure and a total delight.

camping 2

Even in the dead of winter you can camp comfy and warm. This night can be very little work and still be unbelievably big fun.

What you need:

A tent!

If you have a little pop-up tent that can fit in your living room you can use that. We have one that fits well and we've used it a number of times. We have also had a ton of fun building our own tent with chairs and blankets. Do whatever works out best for you.

A campfire

If you have a fireplace inside you can set up your tent just in front in use that. If not, you can build a pretend fire with cardboard and yellow/orange/red tissue paper or other supplies.

Camp foods

What says camping to you? Try roasting marshmallows or hotdogs over a fire, space heater, or you can even head to the kitchen and roast them over a gas or electric burner. If you want it to be a full dinner date you can put together some tin foil dinners and toss them in the oven. You could even pull off some Dutch oven delights if you are willing to run in and out of the house. (Do NOT cook with coals indoors).


Play some card games, sing camp songs, tell ghost stories, or go stargazing with Google sky.


Set the scene. Bust out a lantern, sleeping bags, or mess kits. Light a candle for that smoky smell. Turn on the sounds of a summer night with the link below.

Star gazing

Google Sky is a great resource to see the night sky and find your favorite constellations.