Freaky Friday


Do you like a good scare? I'm not talking about disturbing movies or haunted houses. Make tonight a night of science and learn just how clean your home REALLY is. It might just be the scariest night of your life! (But hopefully not). This date night is a chance to head back to your science fair days and try out some classic experiments. This time you're not just learning about germs, you are learning about YOUR germs.

What you need

  • Some sort of sterile petri dishes with Agar.
    • You can buy these items separately and mix your own, but I recommend just buying a per-poured set online to make it easy. Generally, these run between $20-$25. If you choose to make your own you'll want to do a little research first. There are different kinds of Agar and some are used to grow some super serious bacteria.*
      *Since you are doing this in a home environment and not a controlled lab you'll want to be careful not to create a batch of truly dangerous pathogens.
  • Sterile cotton swabs. If you buy a per-poured agar dish kit they may come with it as a package deal
  • Glo Germ lotion
  • A black-light