Drafting Out Your Dreams


Have you ever imagined what if would be like to live in your dream home? Maybe you frequently wish you had more storage space, a balcony, an indoor swimming pool, or theater room. Maybe you'd love to live in in a palace with trap doors and secret passageways. Tonight you can dream as big as you want, and design your dream homes floor plan. You don't have to be an architect and it doesn't have to be practical.

There are two ways to go about this. The first is just to grab some paper and pencils, draw up whatever you want, and share them with each other.

For those looking for something more involved, check out the list below:

What you need to draw up a fabulous night

Learn it

Why not start by watching some videos, or checking out some websites to learn some basic drafting skills and how to show certain features on a floor plan.

Look up some basic dimensions online for garage sizes, staircases or other general features. Try measuring some of your furniture or current rooms to give you a good size estimate and help you draw things with some sense of scale.

Do it

Let your imagination soar and try to put onto paper your ultimate home.

Share your floor plan with your partner or family. Let them share theirs with you.

If you have more time, try taking elements from both plans, and make a new perfect plan for everyone.

Optional supplies

  • Graph paper

  • Rulers

  • Pencils are preferred so you can erase if you want to make an adjustment.

  • Tape measure

  • Protractor

Have fun and perhaps one day you'll see your dream plans come to life!

This video isn't particularly professional, but it's short and provides simple symbols you could use.

For basic drawing of your own plans I prefer this website: https://www.khov.com/blog/how-to-read-floor-plans/
It has some pictures and great insight to understand house plans generally.