Distance Double Date

Get ready to carve out a fantastically fun time at little to no cost. This date night is a "cool" delight chiseling ice sculptures together.

Don't forget to plan ahead. This date requires advanced prep time for the ice to freeze.


Here's a list of fun challenges to get your brain started:

Belly block build

One person lays down and the other builds something on their tummy. You could use toy blocks, cups, paper muffin cups or whatever is available. Make note of the height or number of items used before it falls. Then you trade. Challenge the other couple to beat your "best out of two."

Under the Sea

Did you ever see The Little Mermaid? If you did then you probably know the famous tune "Under The Sea", but have you ever tried to sing it under the sea? Fill your mouth with as much water as you can and then without swallowing or spitting, see how far along in the song you can sing.

The cookie crawl

Place a cookie on a plate at the far end of the room. Without using any hands or arms, slither on your bellies in a race to the cookie. The winner gets a tasty treat. For a twist, try making predictions about who will win from the other couple and then challenge them to see if you are right.

Back to back gunny sack

This is rather self explanatory. All you need is a garbage sack, pillow case, or something similar. Stand back to back with all 4 feet in the bag. See how far you can hop together before something goes awry. Try going in circles or changing directions mid-way.

Spoon fed

For this you need a bowl of something like apple sauce or pudding, and a timer. One person holds the spoon in their teeth and feeds the "pudding" to the other person as fast as they can. No hands allowed! Remember to measure out how much "pudding" you are using so the other couple can use the same amount. See who can bring home the fastest time with this unlikely talent.

If doing something over live video IS an option, here are are few more ideas for fun times ahead:

Blindfold Pictionary

Each couple needs a paper, pen/pencil, timer and a blindfold. One couple starts with the blindfold on and attempts to draw the things described to them. The other couple is in charge of the timer and the word. The only catch, you can't tell them the word they need to draw. Instead you have to describe it one line or shape at a time.

Jimmy Fallon's little box of lies

If you've never seen it, check it out on YouTube. It won't take long for you to get the general idea.

Jimmy Fallon Lip reading game

Let's face it, the guy has some great games. Take a short phrase and without listening while the other couple says it, try to read their lips. This is particularly easy over video chat because all you have to do is push the mute button.

Modified Taboo

Each couple makes a list of words you are going to try to get the other couple to guess, without saying any part of the word. If you require more of a challenge try giving all your descriptions in Pig Latin.

We have had a great time double dating with friends and family all over the world. Try it yourself and have a load of laughs.