Be Mine Valentine

Did you ever make Valentine boxes as a kid? If you are a parent with Elementary school kids you likely help make a box for your kids every year. But when was the last time you made one for yourself? Tonight make it a date or family activity. Once your box is finished, place it somewhere accessible and then each day, write a note to each other and put it in their box. You can even slip some small treats in with them.

I recommend doing this date night a week or two before Valentine's so you have plenty of time to accumulate notes from each other. Then on Valentine's, you have a ready-made gift to one another, and a great activity reading all the notes you received. It's sure to make everyone smile and feel extra loved.


What you need

There are no rules or wrong ways to go about this. Your Valentine's box can look like absolutely ANYTHING! Let your imagination go wild. When all is said and done you need a good-sized container with a hole reasonably large enough to insert notes and treats into.

Some basic supplies to have ready might include:

  • Boxes or empty container
  • Construction or tissue paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue or Tape
  • Other optional items include googly eyes, pipe cleaners, stickers, or paint.

If you need some help getting your mind going, a quick google search for Valentine boxes will bring you thousands of ideas.

Dream it up, create it, fill it for each other with words of love and admiration, then empty and enjoy!