Autumn Oldies

Old fashioned fun

Cost -$1 ??


When was the last time you went bobbing for apples?  Seriously!  This affordable activity is a load of laughs. My husband and I did it for a date night and, (as often happens), we had so much fun that we couldn’t help doing with our kids the next day.   It quickly became such a family-time favorite that we now do it every year in the fall as part of our “must-do” autumn agenda.

How to play:

If you are not familiar with “Bobbing for Apples” the concept is super simple  – Fill a bowl with water to at least twice the depth of an apple. Deeper is fine too.  Place an apple in it and then, using nothing but your mouth, fish it out. Ideally, you’ll want to remove the apple stem so that no one takes the easy way out and just bites onto it instead of the apple.

Valuable Tips

  • Turns out you can't do this without a fair amount of drool so I highly recommend one bowl for each person.
  • I also recommend putting down some beach towels; particularly if you do it with children.