A Formal Affair

Were you and your spouse High School sweethearts? My husband and I were not. The result is that we both spent a ton of money going to dances with other people. Why not take the chance to make some of those memories and spend a little money on your spouse for a change. If it happens that you were together back then, then here is your perfect chance to relive those days when you first fell in love.

Ask your spouse to Prom!

What Prom you may ask? Throw your own!


These are ideas for dating at home, so think of this as more of a theme than an actual location. You can have a prom night just the two of you, or invite some friends or neighbors to come over and join in the fun.

Here's what you need to know to make it an unforgettable event:
  • Ask them in a formal and fun way. Have them answer in a creative way too.
  • Plan on dressing up! Make it a formal occasion. Rent a dress, a tux, get your hair done. Whatever would make it extra fancy for you.
  • Pick up some flowers, a boutonniere, a corsage.
  • Plan some fancy refreshments, decorations, and (of course) a playlist with all your favorite songs to dance to.
  • You could even pick up some crowns and name yourselves king and queen of the prom.

It doesn't have to break the bank. Just invest a little to make it a special occasion above the norm. It has been years since my husband and I had a "Prom Night" but it still stands out as a favorite memory of mine. No need to feel silly or award at this dance. You already know your date is in love with you.