Your Home's the Place

Ideas for date nights and family fun, all from home!

WHY Date at home?

When my husband and I got married my brother-in-law gave my husband some advice. He told him that dating before we were married was important, but continuing to date each other after marriage is essential. Turns out he was right! If you think of your relationship as a bank account, we are constantly making withdrawals. In order to keep that marriage in the green you have to continually make deposits, and that is where dating comes in. Now, let’s be honest, dating can be tricky. If you’ve got kids it can be even harder to get out. That’s why I want to share a secret with you – you don’t have to get out at all!

Dating at home is the best! It’s easy and convenient, and generally less expensive.

Your home has no limit to the fun times ahead. Try any of our ideas to create memories and build strong couple or family relationships.

Staying at home doesn’t mean your date night is limited to watching movies. Whether it is Coronavirus or lack of a babysitter that’s got you locked in, your home can be the center of fun.

Ideas on this sight are great for teen dates, couples dates, and fun family activities.

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About Us

My husband and I have been married for 12 years. We have loved our home dates so much, that we are here to help you make your time together something incredible. Save money and make life simple having the incredible date nights, and family activities, all from home.

How we got started dating at home

After our kids were born my husband and I made two discoveries. First, paying for and arranging for babysitters was challenging and costly. Second, we still really wanted to go on dates. When you’re stuck at home, watching movies together or eating takeout gets old fast. We began looking up new ideas. After trying other’s ideas, we started to get creative and that’s when the most fun began. My husband and I started looking forward to our date nights more than ever. This website is a record of some of our best ideas and fun nights together. We also found as we did these activities that we ended up doing many of them over again with our children to create great memories and family fun times.

Try it once or a hundred times.
You’re sure to create laughs and relationships.